Devil's Dive
(Summer of 1992 at Earth First! Gathering)

On my way to the devil's dive
Got a pack of camels and a fresh cowhide
Waitin' for a lift to the promised land
It won't take long; we'll have a whole caravan!
Set down our bags and sit a spell and just relax cause we're goin to hell!

On our way we'll slice up some trees--
A couple more cows and spray some DDT--gotta be sure we'll feel at home
in the devil's dive we'll recognize our own.

Folks down there--they're a real fun group--
They smoke Jesse Helms and eat spotted owl soup
Maybe we'll find someone who just caught the croup; we'll
Feed 'em Tylenol and make them puke!

And speakin' of puke have ya heard about "The Nuke?"

It's a new playground bought by the "Devil's Group"
They're a small association workin' under George Bush--
Even in hell he's got his buttons to push.

It's a small playground--like the ones on Earth
It's got a radiation roller-coaster on astro-turf!

On our way to the Devil's Dive
got a pack of smokes and a fresh cowhide--
Don't mean much, not much at all
Just Gimme them ribs, boy,

On my way to Mexico,
Got a pack of cigs and my brain's workin slow
Hand me a map, I'll find the way
And if I don't, well, that's okay.
Cause it don't mean much from here to there. . .
Just need a pack of smokes and a bottle of beer.

That's the kinda thing peoples here made of,
None-such pride and non-such love.
Kill that cow an' take a patty or two,
and leave em for dead, that's what we'll do.
Cause we ain't got much, no, nuthin' really a-tall;
No tribe to speak of, no comfortable law.

On my way to the devil's dive, cause it's the only way I know to survive!