(Ally's house summer 92, Russia summer)

As we create and recreate
Spirits out of bodies
Minds out of cells
Skin and flesh and bone
From a glimmer of a sight
nuance--trace--of love,

As we create and recreate
Shadows out of naught--
Skin, hair, a tooth--
from a nuance of intimate creation
That spawned from understanding,
As during an intimate dance of the body-mind
The Dance of the Night,

As we create and recreate
Bodies--children out of glimmers
Lovers out of a slow nightfall
Into children of the sun; children of the moon
of body and spirit,
Soul, dirt, grass, and stars--

We realize the power we need not seek
The power lies in the night
The power lies in an intimate dance,
the dance of mind, body, spirit

Dance, Breathe, Smell,
Move-- gather air-- gather gather gather
Go a gathering in the time of your day,
And don't forget to breathe and dance--
Breathe and dance