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lady fingers

In 1997, Lauren started her own jewelry company - "Lady Fingers - Modern Jewelry." She designed, created, and then sold her work at stores and boutiques in Austin, San Francisco, New York, and Portland. Lauren used a wide range of materials in creating her pieces - from beads and silver, to cloth, fur, and plastics. While she made several lines of jewelry over the years, she tended towards individual designs - her focus was on originality rather than production.

She had been working on a new line in polyurethane - creating different sized plastic tear-drop beads. Each bead contains a setting inside of an odd found object. They have the appearance of fossils in amber, but are set with scraps of antique paper, small nails, screws, or bits of glass.

There was a hand-made quality to all aspects of Lady Fingers. She hand-made and laminated each piece's price tag as well as her catalog. Whenever possible, Lauren's unique titles for her work are included with the photographs of the work.

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