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1. Dry As A Bone Read the lyrics Win Media  Real
2. Shadow Boxing Read the lyrics Win Media  Real
3. The Poet Song Read the lyrics Win Media  Real

This page features some of Lauren's music. You can listen to short sample clips or entire songs - they're downloadable in either Windows Media or Real Audio format. You'll also find links to printed versions of some of her lyrics.

Lauren had a lifelong passion for music. She had very eclectic tastes - her CD collection included everything from rock, jazz, and folk to classical, punk, and klezmer - from country, bluegrass, and traditional blues to tango, samba, and reggae. Lauren was an adventurous listener - in college, she would comb the shelves of the UT music library searching for interesting looking CD's. She would then spend hours with this experimental listening - it was here that she discovered some of her favorites - Erik Satie, Maurice Ravel, and Charles Ives among others. I remember being surprised that as the son of a conductor and after years of study in various music schools, I was often outdone by Lauren's self-acquired knowledge.

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