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Her tastes always favored the organic rather than the produced. She loved the Austin music scene - its kind of raw grassroots sound was in perfect keeping with her aesthetic. Lauren was a big supporter of live music. In Austin, she frequented Rudamaya, Emo's, Hole in the Wall, and Quackenbushes.

In 1998, Lauren booked her own concert tour of the U.S. She played in Austin, New York, Chapel Hill, and Boston, to name a few. She didn't love performing and saw it more as a necessary evil - she enjoyed the act of composing the most. In the months leading up to her death, and after a year-long hiatus from songwriting, Lauren was working on a new album's worth of songs. Although most exist only in fairly crude demo versions, I plan on using them to complete her CD and will eventually make it available on the site - please check back.

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